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"I sent out about 600 letters in December, thanking people for their gifts that year and asking for a year end gift.... We generated $4,500 in less than a month, with more coming in. FundRaiser Basic makes it so much easier to track and work on these kinds of 'personal' fundraising approaches."
-- Jenifer S., Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation, Boise, ID
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If you need to purchase the upgrade to Basic 2.0, choose one of the following options:

Download Upgrade $49.95
Purchase CD and Manual with Upgrade $79.95


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If you own FundRaiser Basic and simply need to reinstall it, Download 1.4 or Download 2.0x. You will need to have a copy of your registration codes (you can't find your registration codes, Contact Us), and a current back-up of your FundRaiser Basic data.

The most current version of FundRaiser Basic is Basic 2.04

To find out what version you are using, click the Help menu in FundRaiser Basic, then select About. Next, select from the options below:

If your version is before version 2.0, you will need to purchase the update. Click here to purchase the update. New features in Basic 2.0, and newer, include the ability to Email your donors, Additional Category Codes, Additional Gift Codes and an updated interface. Learn More about Basic 2.0

Read the Update History Notes

If you have already purchased the update and just need to download the newest 2.0x version, click below.

Download 2.0x

FundRaiser Basic version 1.4x is the last free update before version 2.0. If you would like to download Basic 1.4x, click below. Click here if you already own the software and need to reinstall it.

Download 1.4

For help downloading and installing, View Instructions

Some users need to update in a two step process. First to version 1.35 then to 1.41. Download Version 1.35 Setup or just the No Install Program.