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"I am impressed with the import feature in FundRaiser Basic, and was able to import our donor base of 400 names effortlessly."
-- Ralph, Soledad Community Health Care District Foundation
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"We love the program, and donations are increasing! Our MAC-based nonprofit bought a PC to run your software, and we have no regrets."
-- Keith, Imagine That Ministries

Survey Results

In a recent survey, more than 25% of respondents said FundRaiser Basic has directly contributed to an increase in donations!
In a recent survey of FundRaiser Basic users, 90% of respondents indicated that Basic has solved their fundraising problems!

Improve Communication: Increase Donations

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Built for Donor Management

Sure there are other programs that you can use, like Microsoft® Access or Excel, but the simple fact is, FundRaiser Basic was built to manage your donors. There is no lengthy customization process, no tricky formulas, no IT department required when you need to make a change or pull a report... Basic was designed to handle all aspects of your entry-level donor and donation management needs.

Backed by Experience

FundRaiser Software has been in the business of developing donor management software since 1983. This is what we do, and we do it well. With nonprofits using Basic around the world, it's clear that our experience in nonprofit software development is well-suited for our audience.

Used by Nonprofits Around the World

Basic is in the hands of more than 3,500 nonprofits organizations all over the world. Organizations frequently purchase the software to use and then recommend it to their friends and colleagues, so there is a whole network of happy Basic users that love their software.

Everything You Need to Get Started

Basic is a complete package, ready to be put to good use by your organization today. All the tools for storing your donors, tracking their giving, printing thank-you letters and creating reports is bundled up in one friendly package. Plus, you will never be on your own with Basic; we back it up with full support via email - for FREE!

...Easy Growth Path When You Need More

Don't get backed into a corner with a software that doesn't offer an exit strategy! FundRaiser Basic is everything you need for entry-level donor management; but when you need more, it's easy to upgrade to the next level. When you're ready for more advanced features, like Pledge tracking, Membership Management or Campaign Management, we'll be here with an easy growth path. All Basic data transfers seamlessly into other FundRaiser programs, and you receive a generous discount for already being a part of the FundRaiser Family.