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"I appreciate your software's simplicity, and that it's also complete, thorough and affordable! Thanks! Your technical support people are terrific as well."
-- Lisa, Forgotten Angels
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Here is a partial list of FundRaiser capabilities, depending, of course, on the data you have entered and the version of FundRaiser you are using. For good managment of capital campaigns, FundRaiser Basic will be stretched to the limiit. If your organization is considering becoming involved with a capital campaign, or already have one in progress, consider moving to the next level of FundRaiser programs.


  • Identify Major Donors or Lead Prospects
  • Identify Frequent Donors whom you may approach for larger pledges
  • Track donations and totals during the "Quiet Phase"
  • Record media contacts for announcing the "Public Phase"
  • Prepare and distribute "Ask" lists for volunteers to solicit
  • Prepare any mailings or other events, tracking participation and resulting donations
  • Sending Thank You’s for gifts
  • Record pledges made, payment schedules, including amounts and frequency
  • Sending Thank You’s for Pledges, and for pledge payments
  • Prepare reports including pledge and non-pledge gifting, event participation, solicitor activity, and projections of income on pledges

Because major donors are so important to the success of your campaign, spending time to learn about the FundRaiser tools that help with them is a great investment. In the first place, the information in your donor records will be crucial to identifying your most hopeful prospects. FundRaiser is able to identify which people have given in the past, and can narrow those lists to people who have made significant gifts, your major donors.

In addition, in Select and Professional you can do queries based on the number of gifts that have been given. This shows you your loyal donors. These donors are ones that may be willing to extend themselves for your capital campaign, and are the most likely ones to become major donors, even if they are not now.

To see a list of those donor records, you use the query tool in FundRaiser Basic.

In addition, in either Professional or Select, you’ll be able to keep track of contacts with Major Donors and Lead Prospects using the Tickle system.

Reports are also important for working with major donors throughout the campaign. They help you pull together the information to give to the people who are soliciting gifts, as well as give you an overview of how well specific solicitors are doing. Reports also can give you an overview pledges and gift. For information on how specific reports can help with your major donor drives, see Using Reports to Help Organize Your Major Donor Drive.

You may also hold some special events during different phases of your campaign. In Professional, you may use the Campaign Management section to outline exactly what events (mailings, meetings, dinners, house parties, walkathons, etc.) you will be having, when those events will occur, how much they cost, how much you expect to raise, who will be participating, and much more. You also have the ability to report on those events (and the campaign as a whole) with in depth looks at Return On Investment (ROI) figures, number of participants, average gifts, etc. Here is more information on the the Campaign Management section of Professional.

Your organization will have its own approach to a campaign, but there are some that are basic to any campaign--

  • Are you recording accurate information?
  • Are you consistent in coding people and gifts?
  • How can we use the information being stored to help in current and future fundraising endeavors?

Take the time to look over your systems for these basic things, and you will have a solid foundation to build on. Here is more on the basic information you need to have in order before starting a capital campaign.

Larry Weaver is an A+ certified computer technician, a Microsoft Certified Professional, as well as the training manager here at FundRaiser Software. He has worked with FundRaiser Basic software off and on since the mid-'90's.  When not operating computers, he enjoys operating motorcycles and musical instruments, and watching his grandchildren grow and prosper.