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"We love the program, and donations are increasing! Our MAC-based nonprofit bought a PC to run your software, and we have no regrets."
-- Keith, Imagine That Ministries
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For Basic, here are some of the things you’ll want to consider:

The Gift Source code answers the question "Why did they give us this gift".

You can assign a single Gift Source code on each gift. In this way, you will be able to create a Query of everyone who gave a gift with that Gift Source code during the special event’s time period. That Source code indicates that the gift was motivated by the event publicity or attendance. You can then use that list of people in reports and/or mailings related to the event.

If you receive In-Kind donations, these can be a bit more tricky in FundRaiser Basic, as there is no way to indicate "In-Kind" on the gift. FundRaiser Basic is primarily designed with monetary gifts in mind. That said, you can always enter an In-Kind donation with a "zero" amount, and then put the fair market value amount, and/or a description of the goods donated, in the gifts Notes section. These notes can be printed in letters and in some reports, but the amounts recorded in notes this way cannot be totaled by FundRaiser Basic (upgrade to FundRaiser Select to properly handle In-Kind gifts).

Another way to separate monetary donations from In-Kind donations is to have two separate Gift Source codes for an event, one for monetary and one for In-Kind gifts. In that way, you can query them separately and report on them separately. In this case, you will be able to have FundRaiser Basic total amounts for both types of gifts.

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Larry Weaver is an A+ certified computer technician, a Microsoft Certified Professional, as well as the training manager here at FundRaiser Software. He has worked with FundRaiser Basic software off and on since the mid-'90's.  When not operating computers, he enjoys operating motorcycles and musical instruments, and watching his grandchildren grow and prosper.