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"I can't believe all of what you get for the price! And, it's extremely user-friendly."
-- Carol S., St. Louis, MO
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You click on the familiar FundRaiser Basic icon and jump back in horror as a window Email us at support@

if you need your registration codes again.
opens telling you that you are in evaluation mode and have 20 days or 13 uses left. How can this be? We bought this program last year!! What is going on?

This scenario depicts events that lead to the most common call that we receive from our users. Any time that you install FundRaiser Basic on a new computer; or a different computer in your organization; you will be asked to enter your registration code.

When you purchase FundRaiser Basic, you receive a registration code. You received it by email when you purchase the program. If you also purchased the User's manual, then you received the code printed in the letter that came in the package. This code unlocks FundRaiser's printing and exporting features, and embeds your organization's name in the program. It really is a good idea to keep the email or letter with the code in a safe place or write the registration code somewhere on the User's manual for quick and easy reference.

The registration name is usually the name of your organization. This is the name that will appear in your report headings. The registration number is a unique number derived from the Registration Name. If your organization changes their name, let us know and we will issue a new code.

What should you do if you can't find your FundRaiser Basic registration name and number on it? No need to despair. contact us by email at

Larry Weaver is an A+ certified computer technician, a Microsoft Certified Professional, as well as the training manager here at FundRaiser Software. He has worked with FundRaiser Basic software off and on since the mid-'90's.  When not operating computers, he enjoys operating motorcycles and musical instruments, and watching his grandchildren grow and prosper.