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Targeting is done through segmentation of your list. Some information is built into the address and giving history on each donor record in Basic-- such as using zip code, or date of first or most recent gift. Other information has to be customized for your specific organization and donors. You can do this through the category fields.

In FundRaiser Basic there are two fields that you can use to define anything that is important for defining "segments" of your donors. These fields are just below the salutation field. They can be used to record a donor's interest in a certain aspect of your work, or the message that the person first responded to. For example, there are likely to be big differences between donors who first joined in response to a friend's request, and those who were recruited by mail.

As your organization grows, you may find that you want more than two category codes. This is a common indicator that it is time to upgrade to FundRaiser Select and Professional. Both of these programs have a much greater ability to segment data than does FundRaiser Basic.

The most important information to use when making decisions about who gets what are:

  • how recently a member joined or donated
  • how often that member donates
  • how much the member donates
  • the means by which the member was originally recruited

FundRaiser Basic helps you set up a targeted mailing through the Query function. The query button can be found on the tool bar right above the "last name" field. It can also be accessed through the "search" drop down menu.

One of the most important segments is Lapsed Donors - those who have given in the past, but not in the most recent 9-12 months. It’s much easier, and less expensive, to win a donor back than to find a new one.

To create this segment, click on the Query button, and go to the Gift Fields page. Enter a date range where you see the  label “Gave during this date range, but not since then”. You might enter a range that includes the month you are in, but a year ago. People who gave during this date range but not since then are your prime renewal candidates. Send these people a letter reminding them of what you do, why it is important, who it helps, and how it can only continue with their continued support.


Why target mailings?