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"I am campaign manager for _____ who is running for Jackson County commissioner. I just found your program and was impressed. I find it easy to use and intuitive. Keep up the good work!"
-- Aaron H., Oregon
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The gift information you keep in FundRaiser Basic can tell you when and how much a person has given. It can also tell you, through the single gift code (motivation code) allowed on the gift, why this person gave you and one gift. If you have different events throughout the year, then knowing which event has triggered someone’s willingness to give may provide you with a way to encourage them to give again, or to give more, or to bring a friend into your circle of supporters.

If you deal with issues that are specific to particular areas, then having good address information can be as important as any other, since asking for help that will have a direct positive impact on a donor’s neighborhood can be a lot easier to do.
FundRaiser Basic gives you three separate code sections, with which to uniquely identify records. They are labeled (by default) Category, Donor Source, and Newsletter, but you can change those labels to anything you like in the Options menu. These code dropdown menus can be used to categorize donors in various ways. Category might be used to record a non-giving aspect of the person’s life, while Donor Source could be used to indicate what first brought them or their name into your database. Newsletter is simply an either/or choice for print or email, but you might want to add a choice for “none”, as well.  

If you have someone who first came to you because of your annual golf tournament, wouldn’t it be less intimidating to ask them to attend another golf- or outdoor-related fundraising event for your cause? If you know someone enjoys hiking, or fishing, or sailing, or…  wouldn’t it be easier to ask them to help with environmental issues?  

And if you have special information about a donor or prospect that just doesn’t lend itself well to a code dropdown, and is not a part of gift information, remember that each name record has a huge notes section where that can be recorded.

Creating a “Donor Profile” for Donor Solicitors

If you’re going to have people other than yourself talk with donors they may never have met, and if the “askers” will not have immediate access to your FundRaiser Basic database, then you may want to create and print information sheets for each donor. You can create your own “report” for this just as you would create a letter you want to print. All of the fields that you use to enter information into a name record are available for any letter you create, so you can, potentially, have all the information about a donor or prospect on one sheet of paper. This will give the “asker” the ammunition needed to go ask for an appropriately sized gift, with an idea or two about the donor’s ability and willingness to contribute.

Having a well-kept database, and knowing how to pull the information into reports, including home-made document/reports like a “donor profile”, will give you the information and perhaps the courage to go out and ask former donors to give again, and other interested parties to give for the first time.  

You still have to take the first step, but your cause is worth it, otherwise you wouldn’t be worried about it, right?  


Getting over the fear of asking for money