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A great draw for your event are individuals who are important local figures that golfers and business people would like to meet in a social setting


These are the most loyal attendees. They come because they are passionate about your cause. If you have a cause that inspires this kind of passion, you can attract a nice crowd for your event. If your cause is hard to explain, you won't draw as many this way. If you don't have the heart-wrenching appeal of being a helper of sick children or battered women, for instance, you need to find other factors that "draw" an audience.


Golfers like to play golf. Golf will draw a certain number of golfers who are simply looking for an excuse to get out of the office on a Monday or a Friday in the name of civic-mindedness. This will usually get you enough players to make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. Don't rely entirely on golf being your only hook, though. You might want some interesting add-on's to increase player interest. A good silent auction or a terrific player "goody bag" may help some. Some examples of a 'goody bag' might be a $10,000 Putting contest, Million Dollar Hole-in-One contest, Vehicles as a Hole-in-One prize. You can offer prizes for closest to the pin, longest drive, or lousiest score. You can purchase insurance for many of these prizes. A search on the internet for 'million dollar hole-in-one insurance' quickly turns up half a dozen companies offering coverage for this as well as for putting contests, and more. 


If you can host your event at an exclusive country club that no one else can get into under normal circumstances, you've used your location to advantage. I know one tournament that moved to a brand new private course that everybody wanted to try out. Theirs was the first tournament held at the facility. They out drew a competing charity tournament at one of the regular public courses that was held the same day. The other tournament even had sports celebrities as hosts. It was the chance to play the new course that was the #1 factor cited by golfers for selecting the first event over the one organized by the pro football players.


Celebrities are only one way that people can be attracted by who is at the event and getting celebrities may not even be the best way. Yes, people like to meet and hang out with celebrities, but make sure the celebrity is someone GOLFERS want to meet. An even better draw may be individuals who are important local figures that golfers and business people would like to meet in a social setting. If your tournament can facilitate hobnobbing and networking, you create a powerful "draw" for your event. Don't forget professional golfers or media personalities. Use your imagination.


Organizing charity golf tournaments by Tom King