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"I sent out about 600 letters in December, thanking people for their gifts that year and asking for a year end gift.... We generated $4,500 in less than a month, with more coming in. FundRaiser Basic makes it so much easier to track and work on these kinds of 'personal' fundraising approaches."
-- Jenifer S., Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation, Boise, ID
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by Larry Weaver

You can change the label or “name” of the fields you use for categories in FundRaiser Basic.  By default, these three fields are labeled “Category”, “Donor Source”, and “Newsletter”.  The example codes provided in the dropdowns indicate a bit about how each might be used.  But what if you want to use those code dropdowns for a different purpose?  That’s fine, and you can easily change the name of the dropdown label by going to the Options menu, to General Preferences, and entering your own label names.  This can reduce confusion for you or anyone else on staff who might be entering new data in the future.  

Speaking of dropdown lists for the category codes, did you know that FundRaiser will automatically go to a particular code in the list as you type in the code?  If you start typing, rather than using the mouse to use the dropdown, FundRaiser will go to the closest match it finds on the list.  Of course, if you are typing in a code that doesn’t yet exist, you can quickly create it by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the dropdown.  In the selection window, click on Add, and type in the new code.

You can also use the Selection Window of any code dropdown to print a listing of all the codes in that list, for a handy reference when trying to determine what codes you have, which may need updating, or which you may want to drop altogether.  Another area that can help with codes is the File menu choice of “Recreate Code Dropdown Lists”.  This will show you all of the codes in use in the system as well as the codes on the current lists.  It’s possible to have a code in use that is NOT on the list, if it were assigned to a name and later deleted from the list but not from the names, so this window shows ALL codes in the system.

If you need to totally remove a code, both from the list and from all donor records, then the easiest way is to create a query based solely on the unwanted code first.  Once the query is set, simply “thumb” through the records, deleting or changing the appropriate code on each name record.  Of course you’ll need to save the record each time, but this method can be helpful when a code needs to be totally removed.


Choosing and using category codes

Larry Weaver is an A+ certified computer technician, a Microsoft Certified Professional, as well as the training manager here at FundRaiser Software. He has worked with FundRaiser Basic software off and on since the mid-'90's.  When not operating computers, he enjoys operating motorcycles and musical instruments, and watching his grandchildren grow and prosper.