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"I sent out about 600 letters in December, thanking people for their gifts that year and asking for a year end gift.... We generated $4,500 in less than a month, with more coming in. FundRaiser Basic makes it so much easier to track and work on these kinds of 'personal' fundraising approaches."
-- Jenifer S., Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation, Boise, ID
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Tennessee Literacy Coalition

Choosing whether to buy or to build your own

Finding something that would work at a price she could afford was a challenge. “We had two choices: We could buy donor management software, which I wasn’t sure we could afford, or we could create our own. I knew that if I really worked at it, I could develop an Access database of sorts, but I didn’t really have the skills to do it well,” Instead she decided to look for donor management software.


Why Basic?

Suzy did web searches and talked to friends and found FundRaiser Basic. “The price motivated us to jump right in. We’ve found that it’s a great product for the price,” Suzy says.

Now she and Erin Tyrell, Development Assista for the organization, use it to enter donor data and to generate thank you letters. “I think the program is easy to navigate,” says Suzy. “It’s very easy,” agrees Erin.

A tip for new users on setting up Basic

The most challenging part was in thinking through how to set up the donor codes used to segment donors into different lists for mailing. Suzy advises, to start simple. “You may end up needing more, but it’s easier to add codes than to subtract.”

Why they think you might like Basic

Having their donor data in Basic gives the organization a system for recording information. "Moving from having no systems to having a system is a major step forward for any organization," say Suzy and Erin.