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"I can't believe all of what you get for the price! And, it's extremely user-friendly."
-- Carol S., St. Louis, MO
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Interfaith Outreach Association


“We had so many names that weren’t viable on the Excel spreadsheets that the organization had been using to track contacts. I couldn’t figure out any connection to the organization at all for some of them,” says Beverly.

After spending hundreds of dollars validating the addresses through the post office, Beverly wanted to be able to keep things in order. She also wanted the donor data to be easy to use for raising money. For the sake of their mission, she also felt it was urgent to implement as much information as they could at that point.


Why Basic?

Looking at her budget and the simple fundraising needs of Interfaith Outreach, she decided on FundRaiser Basic. “I got it because of the price. It’s a very good basic program with a lot of features for people just starting out. It’s so straight forward and easy to use.”

Now, using Basic, she keeps contact information up to date, records all gifts, chooses who should receive fundraising letters, keeps notes on her donors, and generates helpful reports.


Annual fundraising letter

“I print out my annual fundraising letters from Basic. The program lets me coordinate who each letter goes out to. I can also easily pull up the names of the people who have attended our fundraisers in the past.” In addition, she tracks if the person was a sponsor or a participant, so she can contact them again to continue their support.



“The donor reports are wonderful. You can get as much as you need or as little,” says Beverly.

Reports also help make sure that all gifts are acknowledged. Because of the way work is divided in the office, Beverly doesn’t print out the thank you letters from Basic. Instead, she quickly runs a report on who needs to be thanked. She gives the report to another person in the office who writes the thank you letters, ensuring that every donor is thanked.


Remembering details helps the organization grow

“Our organization has grown over the years that I’ve been here. The software has especially helped with that by helping me remember my history with donors. When donors call, I can look them up and see my notes on them. It reminds me of what I’ve said to them and that is a huge help in building the relationship,” says Beverly.

Basic also helps to handle unexpected phone calls. “We are supported by congregations and sometimes one of them will call, but I won’t be able to remember the secretary’s name. I just click on the congregation’s record in Basic and the secretary’s name comes up immediately. That helps a lot,” says Beverly.

“The note section is very important,” says Beverly. “I’m always putting in notes. For instance, just today, there was an article in the paper about one of our donors who worked on the lunar module. I put a note into Basic about that, and I’ll send a card saying, “That’s awesome!” It’s very important to have that kind of contact, and it’s also important to have the history of that contact. When it’s in the note section, I can look back to it. It’s there if I or someone else wants to talk to the donor later.”


Moving to another level in fundraising

Since starting to use Basic several years ago, Beverly has been keeping the donor records up to date. “We generally get gifts every single day,” she says, “and I have all that history in Basic. We are now looking harder at the people that are consistently donating every year. Having tracked them with their gifts allows us to do recognize who those people are.”


Why she thinks you might like Basic

“I’ve recommended the program to several other organizations. Just last week I was talking to one. They send out an annual appeal letter and it takes them forever. I said, ‘Try Basic! It will be good for you! It’s inexpensive. You can afford it. Even if you can’t afford to jump in to a full-fledged donor management program, you can do this.’ “