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"Thanks!! I love the software and it has made our small charity a delight to manage. I also recommended it to a client, who then purchased the full package and has used it successfully to manage thousands of donors, create very professional letters and significantly improve their operation."
-- Michael D., Trident Consulting Group, Massachusetts
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"We love the program, and donations are increasing! Our MAC-based nonprofit bought a PC to run your software, and we have no regrets."
-- Keith, Imagine That Ministries

Easy Growth Path

Donor management software with room to grow!

Start Small

Getting started with FundRaiser Basic is smart - after all, you have no way of knowing how your needs will change as time goes on. All you can know for certain is what you need right now; and if you just need a simple, intuitive system for keeping track of all of your donors and donations in one place, then Basic is the right fit for you. Conveniently, the ability to upgrade to the next level as your needs increase, is built right in!

Easy Exit Strategy

As the name implies, Basic is designed to be an entry-level system for the organization with simple donor management needs. But there is no need to fear that you'll have to start over with completely new software as your needs and skill set increase; the growth path from Basic is so simple that you can be up and running with one of our more complete packages in one day!

Move up to More Functionality

When you're ready to utilize features like advanced reporting, membership management, more donor and gift codes, FundRaiser Spark is the next step. Spark is a perfect bridge between FundRaiser Basic, and our even more full-featured programs (FundRaiser Select and Professional). Spark is designed to dramatically increase your donor and donation management capabilities, help you identify relationship-building opportunities, and manage correspondence seamlessly. Priced at only $500 for Basic customers, FundRaiser Spark also fits nicely into the budgets of most small nonprofits. Like all of our donor management products, Spark can be installed locally, or run online for access from anywhere.

When you're ready for even more functionality, like relationship tracking, households, pledge tracking, and campaign management, FundRaiser Select, and FundRaiser Professional are intuitive, affordable upgrades from Basic and Spark. FundRaiser Select is designed to be customized to fit your needs exactly by offering optional modules to increase the functionality one step at a time. Professional is designed to be your complete donor, donation, volunteer, and campaign management system; it is the best of the best in the donor management software world.

See your Data in a Whole New Way

When you make the transition into one of our more powerful donor management systems, you'll be thrilled at how easily your data imports. Our friendly support technicians will guide you through the process of transferring every bit of your valuable information, and you will be on your way to a whole new level of fundraising management in less than a day!

Experience Incredible Cost Savings

You're a nonprofit - we know your budget is tight and needs to be carefully reserved to maximize your mission strategy. That's why we make the transition from Basic to Spark, Select or Professional financially painless. First, we offer a generous discount,which is greater than the cost of FundRaiser Basic, just for being part of the FundRaiser Family. Next, we offer interest-free installment options so you can spread your payments over time without a costly down payment. Finally, we include live, web-based training in the cost of your license, so you won't have to waste precious time or resources trying to learn a new system on your own. That's it - no data conversion fees, no interest charges, no training fees, and no mandatory ongoing charges.

Start Smart

Starting with FundRaiser Basic is the right move; with its incredibly low price, easy growth path, and unparalleled financing options for upgrading, you won't lose a minute of your time, or a penny of your budget. Don't wait - Buy Now to start taking advantage of better donor management today!