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"I sent out about 600 letters in December, thanking people for their gifts that year and asking for a year end gift.... We generated $4,500 in less than a month, with more coming in. FundRaiser Basic makes it so much easier to track and work on these kinds of 'personal' fundraising approaches."
-- Jenifer S., Bogus Basin Lifetime Sports Education Foundation, Boise, ID
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"You will be proud of me. I managed to figure out the import. ... I have always been "manual shy" because the wording and lingo always raised more questions than it answered. Yours is definitely different. I could really understand it. The import wizard also made it very easy."
-- Bonnie W., St. Michael's Academy, Texas

Survey Results

In a recent survey, more than 25% of respondents said FundRaiser Basic has directly contributed to an increase in donations!
In a recent survey of FundRaiser Basic users, 90% of respondents indicated that Basic has solved their fundraising problems!

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Step up to the Advanced Functionality of FundRaiser Spark, Select or Professional!

More Reports

If you're outgrowing the reporting capabilities of FundRaiser Basic, or already know that you'll need more than, well, basic reporting, then you'll want to look at FundRaiser Spark, FundRaiser Select and FundRaiser Professional. All three programs feature simple user-defined reports for mining specific information, additional donor and donation reports, and specialized reports for activities like Pledges, Memberships, Volunteers and more. In addition, each of the three programs are available either installed or online. FundRaiser Spark, Select, and Professional are built to take you to the next level of data analysis.

Built-In Email

Let's face it, electronic communication is the way of the future. Whether you're trying to cut costs by reducing postage and printing fees, or Go Green by reducing paper waste; you'll want the power and flexibility of a built-in email system. Select and Professional take email to a whole new level with a built-in client. You can send, receive and archive all of your donor emails so all of your electronic communication is at your fingertips. Plus, a checkbox on every record indicates which type of correspondence your donors prefer, so you can take advantage of the option to email instead of print, just email, or email and print - without any manual intervention! If you've been thinking about how nice it would be to be able to email your donors, it's time to take a look at one of our three advanced products.

Unlimited Coding

Having two codes per donor in Basic is nice, but unlimited codes per donor would be even better! All three advanced programsl offer this capability. In addition, you'll find more Gift Codes so you can segment your donations by Fund, Motivation, Purpose and more. If you've ever wished that you could see all of your constituents who have donated at least $50 this year, attended your Spring Gala, have volunteered at least once this year, are interested in your Outreach Program, and have taken one of your courses, then it's time to advance to Spark, Select, or Professional!

And More...

  • Advanced Word Processor
  • User-Defined Spare Fields
  • Pledges Management
  • Membership Management
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Online Extensions
  • Volunteer Management
  • Website Integration
  • GiftTool Integration

And, yes, there is even more. Visit our sister site to learn more about FundRaiser Spark, Select, and Professional, and to request your upgrade estimate today!