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"You will be proud of me. I managed to figure out the import. ... I have always been "manual shy" because the wording and lingo always raised more questions than it answered. Yours is definitely different. I could really understand it. The import wizard also made it very easy."
-- Bonnie W., St. Michael's Academy, Texas
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A.  After downloaded the FundRaiser Basic upgrade 2.x, installed on another PC (not the PC where we handle our data), and restored the copy of my BACKUP, tried to enter the temporary registration code.... I only see the Permanent checked mark (the Temporary is in gray color).

1.    You can Close the program and reopen, which will then allow you to enter a Temporary Code.
2.     You can choose to wait to receive your Permanent code for 2.x (ususally within the 30-day evaluation period)

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