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"We were fortunate to find your software through the internet and found it to contain all the necessary tools that the more expensive software packages have but at a fraction of the cost. We could never afford any of the fundraising databases we viewed but were able to purchase and implement the FundRaiser Basic."
-- Lois, Centre County Youth Service Bureau, Pennsylvania
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A: There are two possibilities: The simplest is to use one of the "multi-line" donor reports that lets you specify a date range. If you prefer the variation #4 of the "one-liner" type of this report that has a "This Year" total, you can "trick" FundRaiser into thinking that last year is our current year, and therefore print the report with last year's totals showing in the "This Year" column, by taking the following steps:
  1. change the computer date to 12/31 of last year by double-clicking the time clock in the Windows Task Bar (at the bottom right of your desktop), then...
  2. open FundRaiser Basic and Recalculate Giving Totals (under File), then...
  3. set query for gift date 1/1/2009-12/31/2009, run donor report #4, and finally...
  4. don't forget to reset the date and then recalculate giving totals again.