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"I am campaign manager for _____ who is running for Jackson County commissioner. I just found your program and was impressed. I find it easy to use and intuitive. Keep up the good work!"
-- Aaron H., Oregon
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A: Sometimes when you compose a letter in FundRaiser that has several functions and fields to be filled in (merged), the letter sometimes requires more than the single page. This happens when your letter is very close to filling the top/bottom spacing allowed by your margins and one or more of the functions you are using in the letter are "multiple lines" (like the AddressBlock function, for instance). In that case, the merged data in one letter may contain more printed lines than the next. It is possible that a single extra line of printing will force the program into continuing on a second page. The best solution is to allow a couple of lines at the bottom of the form letter to prevent this possibility.

Another possible cause is that you have blank lines at the bottom of the form letter template. Move the cursor to the bottom of the letter template (in the Word Processor) and delete those blank lines.