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"I am campaign manager for _____ who is running for Jackson County commissioner. I just found your program and was impressed. I find it easy to use and intuitive. Keep up the good work!"
-- Aaron H., Oregon

FundRaiser Basic is available for purchase via an electronic registration (download only), or on CD with a User Manual (download is still available for immediate use).

ArrowDownload with Permanent Registration Codes $149
ArrowCD and Manual with Permanent Registration Codes $179
ArrowPrinted User Manual ONLY $30

Upgrade from earlier version to FundRaiser Basic 2.0:

If you own a version of FundRaiser Basic prior to version 2.0, you can purchase and download the update.

ArrowDownload Upgrade $49.95
ArrowPurchase CD and Manual with Upgrade $79.95

Kim Klein Fundraising Webinar CD's

Kim Klein is the foremost fundraising trainer and consultant working with grassroots nonprofits today. Her brilliant insights into fundraising, combined with a warm, no-nonsense style have made her an international favorite; and her classic, Asking for Money: Five Easy Steps for Getting Past Psychological Barriers, remains a perennial favorite on the FundRaiser website.

She is also the author of Fundraising for Social Change, Fundraising for the Long Haul, Fundraising in Times of Crisis, Ask and You Shall Receive, and co-editor of Raise More Money: The Best of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal. She lives in Berkeley, CA.

Kim Klein has also produced a number of helpful fundraising webinars in conjuction with FundRaiser Software. We are pleased to offer these high-quality recordings, including video, to our FundRaiser customers.

Arrow$50.00 each.







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