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"You will be proud of me. I managed to figure out the import. ... I have always been "manual shy" because the wording and lingo always raised more questions than it answered. Yours is definitely different. I could really understand it. The import wizard also made it very easy."
-- Bonnie W., St. Michael's Academy, Texas
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"I can't believe all of what you get for the price! And, it's extremely user-friendly."
-- Carol S., St. Louis, MO

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Basic 2.0 is a totally fresh, updated take on FundRaiser Basic. You'll love the new look and all the new capabilities that make up Basic 2.0! Just take a look at some of the screenshots of Basic 2.0:


Change the look
of Basic 2.0 with
new skins

New Page Layout
in Basic 2.0

Add an Additional
Code to your Donors

Arrow More Codes

Increase your querying opportunities by using another donor code. Basic 2.0 has a total of three donor codes for each donor, and one gift code per gift. The donor codes are user-definable and can be used to define Source, Solicitor, Attributes, etc. Each code is queryable giving you added flexibility for sorting your donors for targetted mailings.

Arrow Email Your Donors

Now you can send Email directly to your donors from Basic 2.0. You've always been able to store an email address for your donors, but now you can use the new Send Email feature to open your default email program and start a message.The email address is always displayed, and is easily editable.

Arrow Bigger Screen Size

Basic 2.0 is 50% larger than previous versions - and it can be re-sized to fit any page.

Arrow New Look

Basic 2.0 has had a facelift! You'll notice a brand new look, including all-new icons. Plus, you can now change the appearance of Basic 2.0 on anytime you wish using the new Skins option, which includes seven unique skins.

Arrow Intuitive New Layout

We have updated the layout of Basic 2.0 to make data-entry more intuitive. Basic 2.0 opens to the Master List (previously only accessible by using the Browse button), making it simple to locate and examine individual donor records. Pertinent donor information, such as Name, Account Number, and Email Address are displayed while you browse through any tab. The new look is more similar to our other software packages, FundRaiser Select, Professional, and Online, therefore making the upgrade process more intuitive.