"We were fortunate to find your software through the internet and found it to contain all the necessary tools that the more expensive software packages have but at a fraction of the cost. We could never afford any of the fundraising databases we viewed but were able to purchase and implement the FundRaiser Basic."
-- Lois, Centre County Youth Service Bureau, Pennsylvania
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In a recent survey, more than 25% of respondents said FundRaiser Basic has directly contributed to an increase in donations!
In a recent survey of FundRaiser Basic users, 90% of respondents indicated that Basic has solved their fundraising problems!
A: Importing from a Word Table document will require 3 steps:
  1. Select the Table document and Copy it to the Windows Clipboard.
    • Open the Word document that contains your table.
    • Click once inside the table. The horizontal ruler will show the boundaries for each of the columns. This will also be a sign that the document is indeed a Table.
    • Now, click on the Table Menu then click on the Select Table option. The table will become highlighted. You can either click on the copy button or click on the Edit Menu then click on copy.
  2. Paste the Clipboard copy into Excel and Save.
    • Open Microsoft Excel. The workbook should open with cell A1 having a box around it.
    • Now click on the clipboard icon or click on the Edit Menu, then click on the Paste option.
    • It would be a good idea to save the Excel document now. This way, you will be able to Import from an Excel document.
  3. Import the saved Excel document into FundRaiser.